Certificate of approval is issued by TEC for the merchandise that the IR/GR doesn’t exist with TEC and is issued against applicant’s own specification and cases viz. GSM Phones, 3G Modems, Bluetooth Enabled wireless terminals against approved Standards of ordinary Body. We helps importers, Manufacturers, Brands, trader, distributor in obtaining the certificate in Specific period of time .

Telecommunication Engineering Center

To all the manufacturers, importers and traders of telecommunication system .

Mandatory testing and registration.

Certification process endeavours to encourage:

That any telecommunication system doesn’t degrade performance of existing network to which it’s connected;
Safety of the end–users;
iii. Protection of users and general public by ensuring that frequency e missions from equipment don’t exceed prescribed standards;

That telecommunication system complies with the relevant national and international regulatory standards and requirements.

How to get TEC Certification?

TEC Certification is given after testing and evaluating the merchandise for compliance. Certificate are going to be given to manufacturer.

ECSINIDA has the team of committed certification specialists who excellently utilize their skills and supply complete support and assistance in getting TEC Certification from start to finish .

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