CE Marking may be a legal requirement for various product categories. i.e, all electrical goods falling under the Gas Appliance Regulation (i.e. items with rated voltage between 50 and 1000Vac) must meet essential requirements to be ready to affix their CE mark, and in fact goods cannot be sold in Europe unless they need a CE mark. it’s a criminal offence to CE mark a product that doesn’t suits the relevant legislation, and may end in formidable penalties for businesses and individuals, starting from fines to imprisonment. Product recall and corrective action are often enforced across Europe.
There are variety of directives that need the products CE marked, for example:

LVD – Low Voltage Directive (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU) – covers electrical safety
EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30 / EU) – covers electromagnetic compatibility
RED Directive (Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53 / EU) – covers wireless radio and telecom products
RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances 2011/65 / EU) Directive – covers the utilization of hazardous substances in products
The ErP Directive (Energy-related Products 2009/125 / EC) – covers energy efficiency

Depending on the extent of risk of the merchandise , the CE marking is affixed to a product by the manufacturer or authorized representative who decides whether the merchandise meets all the CE marking requirements. If a product has minimal risk, it are often self-certified by a manufacturer making a declaration of conformity and affixing the CE marking to their own product. so as to self-certify, the Manufacturer must do several things:

Decide whether the merchandise must have a CE marking. the merchandise must conform to all or any Directives that apply to the merchandise .
Choose the conformity assessment procedure from the modules called out by the directive for the merchandise . There are several modules available for the Conformity Assessment Procedures as listed below:
Module A – Internal production control.
Module B – EC type-examination.
Module C – Conformity to type.
Module D – Production quality assurance.
Module E – Product quality assurance.
Module F – Product verification.
Module G – Unit verification.
Module H – Full quality assurance

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