Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was formed under the Ministry of Power in Government of India. In 2010, the govt has made it mandatory surely items to possess ratings and labels on its products which specify the performance of the merchandise and help the purchasers in making right choices before buying such product. The rating given by the BEE indicates a company’s compliance level in BEE. a corporation or a product having a better BEE level indicates the quality performance of the corporate about competition. Company should annually attempt to achieve the very best BEE rating to extend the market share of its product.

BEE has defined minimum standards surely products which are required to be fulfilled so as to urge a license to sell in Indian markets. As per the respective product category the prescribed standard testing, procedures and rules are required to be compiled to urge the proper labels from the BEE. These labels are certified marks which are stamped on the merchandise in sort of ratings from 1 to five which indicated the performance level for every product. For labelling an equivalent, the BEE authority works with technical expert committees, an industry association, consumer organizations, testing laboratories, etc.

Mainly two sorts of Labels are found within the Indian product

Comparative label:

Under this label different model are given a selected label in sort of Star rating from 1 to five with BEE logo and registration number thereon. The ratings help the customer in getting the proper information about the merchandise.

Endorsement label: Under this the products are marked for his or her minimum performance criteria for his or her respective product category like BEE certified etc

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