BEE certification is provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency of India to the manufacturers of electronic and electrical appliances. It does so in the form of rating the energy efficiency of appliances and then giving them the BEE energy rating in the Bureau of Energy Efficiency certification. Bureau of Energy efficiency star label was born in 2002 under the provisions of Conservation Act, 2001. it’s objective was to watch over the impact on energy consumption of Indian economy. It also served a secondary purpose of giving star rating, so that people can have a choice of energy efficient products.


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India, being the fastest growing economies in the world, has many consumers of electrical appliances. Due to it, in the beginning of the year 2000, there was a rapid rise in the number of available brands. It created confusion in the Indian customer and he asked, “Who should I buy from?”. To help them make that choice and to watch over the energy consumption intensity on Indian economy, Bureau of Energy Efficiency registration was born. They did it by providing consumers access to star rated appliances.
Bureau of Energy efficiency star label was born in 2002 under the provisions of Conservation Act, 2001. it’s objective was to watch over the impact on energy consumption of Indian economy. It also served a secondary purpose of giving star rating, so that people can have a choice of energy efficient products. It does to by testing the products as per the bee energy efficiency standards that it has set up.


BEE star rating means how much efficient the electronic or electrical appliance in terms of using electricity. The higher the star rating, the less consumption of electricity and the more feasible the product is to be used by the public. In addition to giving the customers an idea of the product that they are using, it gives the electronic manufacturers to up their technological game so that their products are more in demand. And Star rating BEE is what our experts are trying to provide you with.

Eligibility Criteria for BEE Certification in India

Before you apply for BEE certification, you have to find out whether you’re eligible for mandatory or voluntary BEE certification.
As per the BEE star rating guidelines, there are some products that fall under the BEE mandatory product list, and there are some under the BEE voluntary product list. But rather than complicate the matter, let’s give you a list of products that require your undivided attention:

1. Refrigerator: Normally, when people are searching for answer of the question: “How to get star rating for refrigerator” – they are actually looking for this product. BEE star rating refrigerator is the most sought after because of its high energy consumption. However, for fridge energy rating, the process is the hardest. It’s because of varying reasons, but one of them is star rating for frost free refrigerator and for simple fridges would entail different testing parameters.

2. Air Conditioner: Other than, refrigerator, it was the air conditioner that was the first one to take up star rating. To get BEE 5 star ac rating, you need to manufacture your product keeping in mind the

3. Ceiling Fan: If you hope to provide customers with BEE 5 star rating ceiling fan, you can do so easily with BEE certification.


Legal address proof of manufacturing unit

Copy of Factory License stating the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the manufacturing unit's address - in English and the original language Sample for testing with user manual Copy of the BIS licence with the date of expiration and a list of all models applied


: Covering letter
: Online model registration payment receipt copy
: Original Test report
: Specimen of BEE LABEL
: Print out of online application form other forms (s)


-> Covering letter
-> Online security deposit payment receipt copy.
-> Copy of brand registration application.
-> If the manufacturing unit is not the trademark / brand owner, an authority letter from the trademark / brand owner is required.
-> Copy of brand / trademark registration.
-> Copy of MSME Certificate (only Indian Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)).
-> Copy of a current valid ISO 9001 certificate issued in the name and address of the manufacturing facility listed on the Manufacturer's registration form Authorized signatory letter.
-> Copy of the BIS licence with the date of expiration and a list of all models applied

For the brand level, the documents required are as follows:

-> Trademark Certificate
-> Manufacturing facility details.
-> Valid BIS certificate if applicable.
-> Quality Management Certificate.
-> SSI Certificate.
-> Product samples for Testing.
-> Some other prescribed documents.

Unlike traditional certifications, the BEE certification process of getting energy star rating has two levels:

: Brand Level Certification or BEE brand registration: It is the BEE certification level of a brand. It’s a vast encompassing registration.
: Model Level Registration or BEE model Registration: At the model level, all the products that are under the BEE registered brand gain BEE certification separately.



You must first determine whether you are eligible for mandatory or voluntary BEE certification before submitting an application. Under BEE, some products are mandatory to register, and others come under the voluntary product list.

Product Testing: BEE Registration starts with the testing of the sample to check the energy consumption rate. The test report will be required at the time of MODEL Registration. Two types of testing are done, which are as follows.

Performance Testing:Performance testing is done of all the products which are covered under the BEE. It helps to depict the performance of the product, and accordingly star mark is given.

Safety Testing: Safety testing is done of the samples covered under BEE and BIS. This test is done to check whether the product is consumer-friendly or not.

Brand Registration: To register the BRAND under BEE following steps must be followed.

Documentation: In the first step, above mentioned documents are collected.

Submit application: Once documents are collected, the application must be submitted online and offline to BEE Department.

Scrutiny of Documents:BEE Officials will verify the documents whether all documents are submitted or not.

Grant of Login Credential: Once BEE Officials get satisfied with provided document and application. They provide BEE Login Credentials by email.

Model Registration: For model registration, the following steps are followed:-

Documentation: In the first step, the documents mentioned above are collected.

Product Testing: As mentioned above, product testing is done, which is of 2 types performance testing and Safety testing.

Prepare BEE Sample Label:One testing is done based on which BEE Sample level is prepared. It helps the consumer to identify the energy-saving and cost-saving potential of the product. Model Registration (Online/Offline Submission) - Accordingly, submit the application to BEE both online as well as offline..

Scrutiny of Application: BEE officials will verify the application and documents.

Grant of Approval: If BEE officials get satisfied with the application, documents, test report of the sample, they grant approval..

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