The term "Extended Producer Responsibility" (EPR) refers to a battery manufacturer's responsibility for their products beyond manufacturing until environmentally sound management of their end-of-life products, as well as the channelling of waste batteries to ensure environmentally sound waste management. Implementing a take-back system or establishing collection centers or both and having agreed arrangements with registered recyclers, either individually or collectively through a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) recognised by the producer or producers in their Extended Producer Responsibility Authorization.


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EPR Authorization for Battery Waste Management

‘EPR-Authorization' refers to a producer's permission from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) or a State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) to manage Extended Producer Responsibility with State-specific implementation plans and targets outlined in such authorization, including details of the Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) and other details as applicable.


Every producer of battery/battery-containing equipment must apply for EPR Authorisation in Form 3 to State Pollution Control Board/ Pollution Control Committees in the case of selling their products in one state or to the Central Pollution Control Board in the case of selling their products in more than one state within three months of the date of commencement of Battery Waste Management Rules, 2020. (Not notified yet)

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